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Via Beatrice Cenci 9-9A - 00186 Roma, Italia

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Bolli&Romiti is born from the synergic partnership between Donatella Bolli and Fabrizio Romiti, professionals in the field of antique auctions, with years of experience in the major Italian auction houses. With a deep understanding of the art market dynamics, our auction house stands as a valid support to anyone considering to sale or buy an artwork safely. Born in 2016, Bolli & Romiti is rapidly growing thanks to the proficiency and knowledge of the team of experts, able to meet any requirement in terms of a the evaluation of single items or whole collections to sale at auction.

Accuracy and timeliness in the payment process are among the strenghts of our auction house and such aspetcs make Bolli&Romiti a safe option for who, willing to sale his properties, is looking for secure economic guarantees. Moreover, we are supported by the most advanced IC Technologies, in order to give anyone the opportunity to follow our activities and auctions from anywhere, directly through the live platform of our website and from PC, smartphone or tablet.

The new Bolli&Romiti headquarters at Palazzo Cenci is situated in a complex risen up on a hill called Monte Cenci, on the ruins of the Teatro Cornelio Balbo. The buildings have been realized through the centuries; already in ‘200 the Cenci, said to be descendant of the Roman family of the Cincia, owned a balneum – a sort of thermal bath -òand a tower. Palazzo Cenci took on its actual loot between 1570 and 1585, becoming a proper castle dominating the surrounding area, with the complex of houses, churches, arches, and the tower (destroyed in 1888). The palace is tied to the famous story of Beatrice Cenci, executed on 11th September 1599 with the accusation of parricide, then become a popular heroine.

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