Aste Dams

Via Aurelia, 61 - 00165 Rome

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DAMS Auction House has been operating in the auctions market for over forty years. 

Founded by Martino Pirone in 1973 as DAM "ASTA D'ARTE ANTICA E MODERNA" (antique and modern art auction house) has always operated in this sector making use of expert advice with proven experience and professionalism in order to guarantee and protect both the purchaser and the assignee of the works in the auction.

The main objective has always been to offer a service that is as close as possible to the needs of our customers, who have always expressed interest in our initiatives.

This has encouraged us to redouble our efforts and today we are proud to be able to offer antiques, modern and contemporary art auctions on a monthly basis from September to July at our Rome office.

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Tel. +39 06 45550729

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