Errico Casa d'aste

Via S.Maria Costantinopoli, 76 80138, Napoli (NA)

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Today, the balance of those professional values ​​acquired by his ancestors, the activity is conducted by Umberto Errico (Naples 1948), son of Gustavo. The professional activity of Umberto is marked by different professional achievements by participating in the most important events of the sector in national and international context.

The company, which boasts a considerable number of customers and friends, over the years has significantly specialized in buying and selling old paintings from the '500 to 800 of Italian and European schools, while never forgetting the larger of "antique world.

In 2017, putting himself on a par with the times, Umberto accept a new challenge, he founded the " Errico Auction House ", home of antique auctions exclusively online and does business only using a virtual auctioneer.

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