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MEJIA (Pedro). SILVA de Varia Lection. En Sevilla. 1570.

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MEJIA (Pedro). SILVA de Varia Lection. En Sevilla. 1570.
MEJIA (Pedro)
SILVA de Varia Lection. Compuesta por el Magnifico cavallero Pero Mexia. Nuevamente agora añadida enella la quarta parte, por el mismo Autor: en la qual se tratan muchas cosas, y muy agradables y curiosas. En Sevilla: En Casa de Hernãdo Diaz, 1570.

[cruz]8, A-Z8, [et]5; [8], clxxxvii, [2] ff.; 315 mm. Full vellum; gilt titles on spine; title-page with reataurations; stained; fólio [et]2 with loss of the top of the page. In general a good copy.

BEAUTIFUL EDITION of the most famous and one of the most important works by Pedro Mejía (1497-1551). A prominent Spanish humanist and historian, Mejía was a friend of Erasmo and Luís Vives. Appointed by Emperor Charles V as a royal chronicler in recognition of his vast culture, he published this work for the first time in 1540. Considered by many to be his most accomplished work, it has seen numerous editions throughout Europe, including translations into Italian, French and English shortly after the first. The work consists of several scattered texts on a variety of subjects - geography, history, ethnography, natural history, ethics, theology, astrology and medicine - having as sources the ancient texts of Petraca or Pliny, but also of Erasmus. Among the most interesting subjects found in the work we find: writing, paper, bibliophilia and printing, with references to Aldus, for example; the origin of wine and gastronomy, the discovery of America by Columbus, a description of the islands, coasts and cities that were discovered by the Spanish kingdom, including some chapters on the Moluccas. Very rare and important.