Auction 31
By Art La Rosa - Casa d'Aste
Jan 29, 2022
Viale Africa, 12 - 95129 Catania, Italy

Sez. 1,ore 16.00, lotti 1- 204: appuntamento con la nostra selezione di antiquariato e dipinti d’arte antica e moderna.

Sez. 2, ore 18.00, lotti 205-230: la sezione interamente dedicata agli appassionati di fotografia con la nostra raccolta di fotografie d’autore di Wilhelm Von Gloeden.

Sez. 3, ore 18.30, lotti 231-349: la sezione interamente dedicata al vintage ed al design.

Sez. 4, ore 20.00, lotti 350-435: selezione di gioielli antichi e moderni

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LOT 7:

Christ on an embossed bed with cherubs

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Christ on an embossed bed with cherubs
XVIII century
Pink alabaster and white marble
37x15x17 cm

Sculpture depicting Christ placed on a bier supported by 6 angels. The bier is adorned with a shroud, folded in an unnatural way and has an embossed cushion with large leaves worked in fake damask. On this bed lies the body of Christ, represented in a total state of abandonment, although the musculature still appears vibrant. The work, of exquisite workmanship, is the result of 18th century Trapani workers. There are restorations.


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