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AA. VV. Near Eastern Numismatics, Iconography, Rpigraphy and History. Studies in Honor of George Carpenter Miles. ...

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AA. VV. Near Eastern Numismatics, Iconography, Rpigraphy and History. Studies in Honor of George Carpenter Miles. American University of Beirut, 1974. Tela editoriale. 478 pp, illustrazioni. Ottima copia. The publication of 44 papers in honor of Miles. Miles was curator of Islamic coins at ANS for more than 30 years. Partial listing of articles included: Bacharach, Jere L. The Early Islamic Bronze Coinage of Egypt : Additions / Jere L. Bacharach and Henry Amin Awad. Bykov, Alexei A. Three Notes on Islamic Coins from Hoards in the Soviet Union. Frye, Richard N. Napki Malka and the Kushano-Sasanians. Artuk, Ibrahim. Early Ottoman Coins of Orhan Ghazi as Confirmation of his Sovereignty. Grierson, Philip. Muslim Coins in Thirteenth-Century England. Bedoukian, Paul Z. Some Unpublished Coins of the Artaxiads of Armenia. Balog, Paul. Sasanian and Early Islamic Ornamental Glass Vessel-stamps / Paul Balog. Bulliet, Richard W. Numismatic Evidence for the Relationship Between Tughril Beg and Chaghr婠Beg / Richard W. Bulliet. Bates, Michael L. Thirteenth Century Crusader Imitations of Ayyubid Silver Coinage : a Preliminary Survey. Bianquis, Thierry. Numismatics and the dating of Early Islamic Pottery in Egypt / Thierry Bianquis, G. T. Scanlon, and A. Watson. Bikhazi, Ramzi Jibran. Hamd塮id Coins of Mad婮at al-Sal塭 A. H. 330-331 / Ramzi Jibran Bikhazi. Cahen, Claude. La frappe des monnaies en Ⅷypte au VIe/XIIe si裬e d'apr賠le Minh塪 d'al-Makhz嵭婮 Fagerlie, Joan M. A Byzantine 'Sicilian' Hoard. Curiel, Raoul. Une intaille Iranienne. Brown, Helen Mitchell. Some Reflections on the Figured Coinage of the Artuqids and Zengids. Hazard, Harry W. The sigillography of Crusader Caesarea. Harper, Prudence O. Sasanian Medallion Bowls with Human Busts. Gordus, Adon A. Non-destructive Analysis of Parthian, Sasanian and Umayyad Silver Coins. Ghirshman, Roman. Un t鴲adrachme d'Andragoras de la collection de M. Foroughi. Gibson, McGuire. Coins as a Tool in Archaeological Surface Survey. Lindner, Rudi Paul. The Challenge of Qilich Arslan IV. Kouymjian, Dickran K. A unique Coin of the Shirv塮sh塨 Min嵣hihr II Dated A.H. Lowick, Nicholas M. Trade patterns on the Persian Gulf in the Light of Recent Coin Evidence. Kmietowicz, Anna. Two S塭塮id Dirhams from al-T塹aq塮. Kouymjian, Dickran K. Near Eastern Numismatics, Iconography, Epigraphy and History : Studies in Honor of George C. Miles. Smith, John Masson, Jr. In a Persian market with Mongol Money. Waggoner, Nancy M. The coinage of Phraates III of Parthia. Addenda.