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Yasuo Sumi (1925-2015)

Oil on canvas
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Oil on canvas
FramedCertificate of Authenticity by Archive Yasuo Sumi ID 305Osaka, Takashimaya, 9th Gutai Exhibition, 1960. Work of great historical importance by Yasuo Sumi: it was exhibited at the historic 9th Gutai Art Exhibition, 1960, Osaka, Takashimaya; displayed and published in the exhibition "Kaiga no Arashi show at Osaka National Museum of Art" in 1985, with catalog; displayed and published in the exhibition catalog "Action and Emotion, 50s Paintings, Informel, Gutai, Cobra", Osaka National Museum of Art, p. 85, September-November 1985. During the Golden years of the Gutai movement Yasuo Sumi realized very few works on such large canvases and it is estimated that the ones made in the early 1960s are no more than fifteen. The fact that this work was displayed in such important historic exhibitions makes it one of the most important within Sumi’s whole artistic production.Signed bottom rightPrivate sale