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Shozo Shimamoto (1928-2013)

Acrylic and glass shards on canvas

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Acrylic and glass shards on canvas
FramedPhoto certificate by the Shozo Shimamoto Association archive no. 1309Work exhibited at Galerie Sander, Germany in 1992; it was also displayed in various exhibitions in Japan. Work of great significance within the production of Shozo Shimamoto for various reasons: 1) the year of execution, in 1991, is important as the few bottle crash Shimamoto realized in the early 1990s were executed in the same way as the very rare ones he made in the 50s / 60s post-cannon period: the glass bottles shattered against the stones cast their shards and slivers onto the canvas; 2)its high quality; 3) the numerous exhibitions it took part in, notedly the one held at the Sander Gallery in 1992.Signed bottom leftPrivate sale