Auction 9 ASTAWOW!

Apr 29, 2021
 via Stampa Soncino, 7 21047 Saronno (Va)

"With the exception of man, no being wonders at its own existence"

Arthur Schopenhauer


Wonder is the dominant reaction found during the selection of the artworks of this auction.

Wow! it is the effect we want to offer to our public and friends who are joining us to discover a new

experience made of Street Art, Art Toys and international photography.

Artists of the caliber of Banksy, Joan Cornella, Shepard Fairey, Robert Indiana, Kaws, Steve McCurry,

Mr. Brainwash e Whatshisname, charmer of the new generations of collectors,

especially among the Millennials.

ASTAWOW!, a rare opportunity to break out of the box, to start thinking differently, to elevate the

concept of art to new dimensions.

Today Street Art and Art Toy, tomorrow blockchain, classic cars, design and pop.

In short words:




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